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18June 2021

SAR 9.II Now Available

The 1:1 scaled and manufacturer under the authorization by real steel fire arm brand Sarsilmaz SAR 9 was released last year, after some testing and feedback, ICS decided to do some upgrades. SAR 9.II applied with the new Low Resistance Slide Design, the slide will have less friction than the previous version, performing a smoother slide movement. For the uses who has already own the previous version, the optional accessory SAR 9.II Upgrading Kit can be purchased as well.


Fixed Inner Barrel

Fixed Inner Barrel provides higher stability while recoling, which significantly increase the accuracy.


Low Resistance Slide Design

The brand new upgraded Low Resistance Slide Design integrates spring powered hammer contact, making the whole SAR 9.II system function smoother and more reliable.


Modular Trigger-Fire Control

This is one of the special design from SAR 9, modular fire control provides not only smoother inter-connection, but also easier removement and maintenance.


The New SAR 9.II Video with Upgrading Kit



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