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Concept Exclusive Project

The CXP series is a brand new AEG combat platform developed and designed based on the existing SALW(Small Arms and Lightway Weapons) in the world today, which not only combined erogonomic and designs, but also applied with years of experiences gained by operating AEGs.


Black Leopard Eye

Pistol is a "must have" in all milsims or skirmishes. You will need leopard-like characteristics and perform them during games. You will not only acquire strong and sturdy figure, high maneuverability, and intelligent, but also could maintain extremely high speed while running. Thus, ICS has chosen the image of the leopard not only to represent the capability of the ICS pistols, but also could symbolize ICS's ability to maintain leopard-like vitality, viability and competitiveness on those brutal battlefields and this fast-changing airsoft market.


The lightway series is a belief that ICS could deliver the best performing AEG platform with the most cost effective pricing to both beginners and veterans. The specially designed AEG frame adopted all the great design DNAs originated from ICS;which is most ideal for players who are looking for a light weight package, that performs like a charm.