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  • 2023

    Products Achievement

    CXP-Tomahawk was selected to be the Taiwan Excellence Award 2023 winning product

  • 2022

    Products Achievemen

    Daniel Defense MK18 licensed by EMG

  • 2022

    Products Achievement

    Lightweight & compact rifle Lightway-Dagger
    Most compatible Hi-Capa pistol Hi-Capa Challenger
    Classic 1911 retro pistol BLE-Vulture
    Evolutional series CXP-MARS.II

  • 2021

    Products Achievement


  • 2020

    Products Achievement

    The first Turkish licensed pistol SARSILMAZ SAR 9

  • 2019

    Products Achievement

    The first German licensed pistol KORTH PRS
    The first CO2 pistol Mokorov PM2
    The best performance, classical US armed force pistol BM9

  • 2018

    Products Achievement


  • 2017

    Products Achievement

    CXP-UK1 Transform4 got "TAIWAN EXECELLENCE AWARD 2017"

  • 2016

    Development of CXP-APE and CXP-HOG

    ICS focus on innovation and development and created a CXP-APE. Versatile and user-friendly rifle with simple design. Quick-Detach Barrel System allows shooter-level changes of barrel length. The adjustable stock, ambidextrous magazine releas and enlarged trigger guard allows players can overcome all terrain combat easily.

  • 2015

    ICS got the interview invitation from - Discovery "TAIWAN MADE"

    Due to Airsoft gun industry has been national identified gradually since 2015, ICS got interviewd by Discovery channel and discovered the mystery of airsoft industry and made MIT products become well-known all over the world.

  • 2014

    Self-created ICS transform4 CXP- UK1 series

    Perfect quality is always the top priority, ICS is committed to innovate and build the best products with no compromises. Ultra slim lightweight UK1 handguard with keymod system, ergonomic designs of pistol grip and Ambidextrous charging handle are flexible for left or right hand players in different battle.

  • 2013

    Development of the typical WWII M1 Garand

    A Legend for ICS - M1 Garand, was made by real wood and without the painting, only using the linseed oil for the moisture-proof, to keep the originality of wood texture. The bolt-carrier, front&rear sight, and immersive trigger assembly are all with realistic design as real firearms. Also adapting with the unique Low Resistance Switch Assembly And Mini Fuse, it assures the AEGs perform at low electric resistance, spark free, and extended service life.

  • 2012

    Development of ICS self-created next-generation tactical gun - G33&MGL series

    The next generation tactical gun G33 adapted with the unique design of handguard and provide the players comfortable experience. The ambidextrous charging handle makes it become flexible with different position during the battle.

  • 2010

    Development of the typical WWII M3 series products line

    M3 submachine gun is the typical gun for the World War II, the full body was made of a two-piece die casting metal construction, emphasizing the structature strength and also keeping convenience of maintenance.

  • 2009

    Development of the classic Israeli Galil series

    Galil is the classic rifle designed by IMI (Israel Military Industries) and well-known by its durablility and accuracy. ICS present the parts for Galil series with accurate steel dewaxing process, which makes the surface a rugged outward appearance and realistic like a real firearms.

  • 2008

    Development of the Swiss SIG series and German MP5 sportline version

    ICS made the SIG series with constant innovation and excellent quality, not only the stamped steel receiver but also adapting the ICS quick disassembly system, you can split the gearbox and maintain or upgrade your AEG easily by just one button.

  • 2007

    Created self-owned brand CXP (Concept eXclusive Project)

    The products combined with Lightway design and modernized ergonomics

  • 2006

    Development of the UK L85/86 series

    L85/86 series has adapted to ICS patent Electrical Braking System, to avoid being discharge accidentally during disassembling. The receiver was made based on the processing of the real firearm, the upper and lower receivers are made of stamped steel, which has recaptured the typical L85/86 bullpup design of British military.

  • 2004

    Development of the Russian AK series

    AK is the typical gun for Russian military, the durable receiver was made of stamped steel and composite metal. The realistic handguard design allows the players to disassemble the handguard same as real firearms.

  • 2002

    Development of the U.S.A M4 series with metal version

    The ICS patent split gearbox development is a work of great originality.

  • 2000

    The 1st ICS AEG has presented

    Development of the German MP5 series with metal version

  • 1995

    Created self-owned brand "ICS"

    Developed overseas markets and become the Airsoft Electric Gun leader in Taiwan

  • 1983

    Company establishment

    Company established in 1983 and major in Toy manufacturing


Everyone want to be the winner in battlefields whatever it is real or virtual. The weapon for each warrior will be the key factor which determines who is the winner. You can only see the sights and the barrel from an AEG, however, the internal parts of AEG were combined with more than 400 parts which were be made by die-casting, injection, stamping press, forging, and CNC Turning and Milling...etc. over 20 complicated procedures and sophisticated technique process, to produce the high quality AEG for you. The story behind every AEG is the years enthusiasm and the hard work from the design and development team, also the spirit of high quality control demand from the production team.

The ICS founder Mr. Chu entered the airsoft replicas market in 1995 with enthusiasm and become the first AEG company in Taiwan and also the 3rd AEG company in the world which was specialized in designing and manufacturing for airsoft replicas.
As the professional airsoft replica market manufacturer, " Innovation, Efficiency, and High Quality" is the main concept of ICS. "No receive, produce, and sell the defective products" is also the principle that we insisted. By our insistent, we hold a small portion of the airsoft replica market and also leading other airsoft company in Taiwan to enter the global market. ICS also passed the ISO9001 Quality management systems.

To be the pioneer of Airsoft replica market, ICS has a strong R&D team which comprises with 16 experts from different industries. To combine the new technology with Airsofter' experience is our main design concept, therefore it made ICS possesses of the product differentiation benefits. In the future, we will devote ourselves to develop the new techniques continuously and get more patent certification, in order to provide our customers more modern and satisfied products. This is the persistent mission of ICS since always: "Innovation, Competition, Satisfaction"

ICS, The Best Thing We Create.