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15August 2018

The Commercial Collaboration of Takami Nakamoto with ICS

Takami Nakamoto, a Japanese musician and visual artist based in Paris, France.

He is also a passionate airsoft player and co-founded Takoyaki CQB located in Nanterre, close to Paris.

In 2018, ICS has the honor to have him in the ICS Captain Program.

Him and CORENTIN Henry, aka Pics & Co, a professional airsoft photographer specialised in taking surrealistic and immersive pictures with artificial lights decided to team up and we gladly supported the project!

This collaboration shows the beauty of this intensive sport and sophisticated design of ICS products.

This one in particular in the shortest version of CXP-MMR series, the SBR.

The shooting process was an incredible success.

More pictures and videos will be released on ICS social media, so stay tuned.


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