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03November 2022

CXP-TOMAHAWK Now Available

Sniper rifles has been popular for recent years, there are plenty of sniper rifles from diverse brands but all with outdated systems. ICS decided to create a new system that made improvements on not only outlook, but the design of the structure.


As everyone knows the bullpup design maximizes the length of the barrel. CXP-Tomahawk is a bullpup designed sniper rifle, installed with 510mm inner barrel on its 910mm total length. Furthermore, the structure has been rebuilt, the bolt is placed above the hand grip, leading to an easy pull, you’ll feel how obviously the difference is when pulling the handle. More than that, specially designed top feeding magazine provides a smoother movement when changing magazines.


This innovative CXP-Tomahawk featuring an enlarged 61cc cylinder, 3-way adjustable TDC hop-up, and QD quick detachable design. The enlarged 61cc cylinder increase the capability of using heavier BBs, providing bigger shooting range and better shooting stability. 70 meters is quite easy to reach with stock M120 spring. And what we must have to mention is the 3-way adjustable TDC hop-up, this special design makes you more convenient to adjust the trajectory no matter doing vertical or horizontal adjustment. Besides, there’s one we cannot ignore, which is QD quick detachable design. With this design, the barrel can be easily detached by simply untighten two screws. Repair and maintenance become super easy.


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